Coconut coals are, in my opinion, the best style of charcoal on the market for hookah. There are new brands hitting the market constantly but Coconara is still top dog and now you have options.

Last year Coconara started making their coals in a cubed form rather than the flat squares they originally were. Some loved them and some wanted their old coals back. Coconara decided to make everyone happy and the Cocomazaya was born.

Coco Mazaya coals are larger than the original Coconaras but you still get 108 pieces per box. They are very dense and leave almost no coal dust behind on anything they touch. When lighting, they sometimes have a slight smell but it’s nothing that lingers and it’s really only if you are right on top of the burner, which is a terrible idea anyway. Lighting yourself on fire is bad. I don’t care what the cool kids tell you.

These coals are comparable to the original Coconaras in heat production but, because of their larger size I think they are just a bit hotter. I have been using these every day for weeks now and I have been having great sessions. There is no added flavor in the smoke and I have never had any headaches resulting from CO with these coals like I have with so many in the past.

These produce a little bit more ash than the original Coconaras but it’s still a tiny amount. Compared to some other coals they are amazing in regards to ash.

The life of these coals is similar to the original Coconaras. They last for a good hour and fifteen minutes before they are too small and weak to make for good smoke. That’s really impressive for a charcoal with so many other merits. I ned to really time these and see exactly how they compare to other coals.

The only problems I have? Cost and lighting time. These coals are a little expensive but I think they are worth the price. As very dense natural coals, these take a good amount of time and heat to light. Don’t take these to a party without a stove to light them on. You will be SOL.

There are lots of different coconut charcoals on the market and new ones coming out all the time. I think this is great. Competition makes for advancement and these are a great example. Coconara tried to make their product better and ended up tailoring their coals to the market and the demands of their fans. Anyone who tells you to dismiss anything new is forgetting that they were new at one time and would have nothing if people weren’t willing to take a risk on them. The truly great never discourage greatness in others.

I’ll give these coals a 8.5 out of 10. If these were a little more affordable I would give these a higher rating but again I think they are worth the price and worth a try. They are almost as good as Coconaras but I like the shape of the naras over the mazayas. With Coconaras I have the option of using the larger side or putting them on edge to fine tune the heat.

Seriously, try these.

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