coconut-coalsWhen using coconut charcoal sometimes the surface that’s in contact with the foil will go out. A lot of people think this is a really big problem but there are a couple easy solutions.

First is proper coal rotation. Instead of just moving the charcoal around the bowl you need to flip them so the black side is exposed to oxygen. Oxygen is necessary for the charcoal to burn properly. If you balance the coals properly on the smaller edges you can make sure that a single side doesn’t touch the foil more than once every 6 rotations.

Secondly is, if you are using more than one coal, face the black part toward the glowing red side of another coal. This will act as a burner and heat the side that has gone out much faster. If you blow air across the coals you can see this happen and it’s very effective.

Most importantly, make sure your coals are fully lit. Otherwise you will run the risk of getting a charcoal flavor and the coals are much more likely to go out. Also, make sure that you use a high quality charcoal like Coconara which are some of the best on the market.

I hope this advice helps you get a little more out of your hookah sessions. Peace.

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