With the increased interest in more traditional hookah tobacco that I have seen lately I think you folks ma be interested in trying something a little different.

Desi Murli is a tobacco that comes from India rather than Egypt or other parts of the Middle East like most other hookah tobacco that we see. It is a brand that is unlike a lot of modern tobacco. If you only smoke Starbuzz and hate the flavor of tobacco then Desi Murli is not the brand for you. The style of tobacco is much more similar to hookah tobacco from the old days than modern brands like Social Smoke and Fantasia. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with modern hookah tobacco but it’s good to know that there is a big difference so you don’t wind u spending money on something you will hate.

The cut of the tobacco leaves is very fine and many have described it as looking like potting soil because of the deep black color of the fermented leaves. Desi Murli is not drippy wet like many other tobaccos but more… moist. It’s obvious that molasses is used in blending this tobacco but you won’t see a big puddle of it at the bottom of whatever container you keep it in.

To smoke Desi Murli a little finesse is required. It takes a lot more heat than most tobacco you will be accustomed to smoking but if you use too much it can still burn so my best advice is to start with one more coal on your bowl than you would normally use and take the extra coal off when the smoke starts to get better. If the smoke gets weak add the other coal back or adjust the heat with a wind over.

Smoking Desi Murli is an exercise in patience and tranquility. I have had some bowls take as much as 15 minutes to reach the right temperature to get going. On top of that you will never get huge clouds like you would from Starbuzz so a lot of people start rapidly pulling from the hose to try and get more smoke. This is an almost sure way to make yourself sick because Desi Murli has a very high nicotine content. Sit back, relax and smoke slowly while enjoying the unique flavors that the tobacco will offer you.

On the subject of flavor, this tobacco is one where you can really taste the leaves used in the mix. Even though Desi Murli comes in many different and unique flavors these are all just additions to the tobacco backbone. I will be doing some review of the individual flavors in the near future but I want to make it clear that the dominant flavors are those of tobacco leaves. When you see Strawberry Milkshake listed as a flavor don’t expect it to taste like something of the menu at Baskin Robbins.

This is just a brief introduction to an amazing tobacco that I hope more people will try. The only two places to get Desi Murli in the states are and Hookah1 is the better option in my opinion because they have better prices on Desi Murli and have more flavor options. TexasHookah is the better option if you want to order other hookah supplies with your Desi Murli.

Look forward to my first review of this unique and older style of tobacco.

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