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Diffusers: What do they do?

Some of you ma have heard about the Heba Diffuser and other similar products. Any DIY thread on a hookah forum will mention how to make a diffuser eventually. There are even new hookahs that come with diffusers that screw onto the stem. But what do they really do?

A diffuser is a device designed to break up the bubbles of smoke passing through the water in your vase and make them smaller. The most prominent claim is that this increases filtration because more of the smoke come in contact with the water. This, in theory, reduces tar and nicotine in the smoke and makes it safer for you. I can’t tell you if this is true because I don’t have the means to test it. What I can tell you is that a diffuser quiets down your hookah and reduces the rumble that some larger hookahs can have.

I use a diffuser almost all the time. I have the two sizes of Heba Diffuser and I have a new hookah that come with a custom brass diffuser that screws onto the down stem. I watch a lot of movies and television when I’m smoking hookah so the muting effect it has on the bubbling sound is great for me. If you think this may be something you could benefit from then I suggest grabbing a cheap diffuser or making one yourself.


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