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Fumari White Gummi Bear Shisha Review

I wanted your opinions on the Fumari flavor that I NEEDED to try and the response was practically unanimous. Fumari White Gummi (Gummy) Bear seems to be the most loved flavor from the entire line and I can easily see why. So, let’s see what all the hype is about.

This tobacco is astoundingly wet and will cause a serious issue if you don’t use a funnel bowl, crown classic or something similar. That translates into some of the biggest and puffiest clouds I have seen in quite a while and all without any of that nasty glycerin flavor that many soupy tobaccos suffer from.

The smell in the package is bright, moderately sweet, fruity and delicious. The second I ripped the seal off this pouch of tobacco I was salivating and ready to smoke. The flavor is perfectly in line with the smell and pretty much dead on for a White Gummi (Gummy) Bear. It’s definitely a candy flavor and has a distinct sweetness without being overbearing. This is one of the most true to name tobaccos that I have come across.

Now we come to the problem. This is the most expensive modern hookah tobacco you’re going to find short of Ed Hardy. It is more expensive than Starbuzz, Tangiers, Social Smoke and the rest of the “Premium” tobaccos. For the price of one 100g pack I can get a 250g pack of Nakhla, but they don’t have a White Gummi Bear flavor….


I don’t plan on smoking this one all too often because of the price and my less than illustrious tax bracket, but it’s definitely something I wish I could keep on hand. Seriously tasty stuff. If you like sweet candy flavors and have a little extra cash burning a hole in your pocket then I suggest grabbing some Fumari White Gummi (Gummy) Bear. You’ll love it


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