Coffee flavored tobaccos are on my list of favorites and there are a lot out there.  Hookah-Hookah makes some nice coffee flavors and one of the blends I like the most is Mocha.

The smell on this tobacco right out of the tub is about what you would expect.  It smells like strong coffee with a background of sweet chocolate.  It does not smell bitter and it smells damn good.

The clouds that come off this tobacco are bigger than many expect.  They are not gigantic like those that come off Social Smoke Tobacco.   The smoke is smooth and has no problems with harshness.  The only problem I have is that this tobacco is a little more heat sensitive than many other modern brands and I know that lots of people have problems with harshness when using this tobacco.  For those having problems with this tobacco I suggest starting with one coal and letting the bowl heat up for a while until you get smoke.  If that does not produce satisfactory results you should try a wind cover before adding another coal.  I use 2 coconut coals on the edges of a vortex bowl.  Anything smaller than a vortex and 2 coals will be too much.

The flavor is solid.  It’s coffee and chocolate flavor just like the smell and it’s really pleasant.  Very sweet and smooth.

7.5 out of 10.  This tobacco is great.  It’s accurate and tasty without being too sweet or two bitter.  It’s only problem is the heat sensitive nature of the tobacco.  I docked a half point for that.

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