Hello, folks. Paul here once again and I have another review for you. This one is for Hydro Aurora Pineapple and as you saw in the packing section of this, this isn’t tobacco, this is an herbal product. From what I can tell, the plant matter that is used in this tobacco substitute is sugarcane fibers.

I don’t know about the health of, not really combusting, but heating and inhaling sugarcane fibers, so I really can’t speak to that, as to whether or not this is a healthier alternative to tobacco, but what I can say is that it has no nicotine in it. So if you’re worried about nicotine for heart-health reasons or things like that, herbal hookah products are an option. Not really my favorite. Now on to the actual smoke.

Hydro Aurora Herbal Shisha

The smoke is good. It is very predominantly wispy. There’s no real density to this smoke. It feels like air, it’s very, very light. I think that the majority of this comes from glycerin, which happily there’s no like soapy glycerin fell but there is a slightly soapy kind of smell and taste that I’m not enjoying all that much.

It tastes like artificial pineapple. It does not taste like realistic pineapple. It is sweet, it is not unpleasant but it’s not really catching my taste buds, it’s not really like hooking me in and making me wanna smoke more. Yeah, so I mean, if you’re a fan of pineapple, I bet there are better flavors out there. I’ve not smoked a lot of pineapple tobaccos, but this one is not particularly interesting. The smoke is voluminous but not very thick mouthfellwise and the flavor, honestly, is a bit week and pretty artificial. I’m not a fan. It’s definitely, it’s enjoyable but, yeah, I think you can do better.

So that’s it. This is Paul for Hookah.org saying thanks very much for joining us and I’ll see you guys next time. Make sure to check out the forums and make out to check out our hookah competition section because this month, April 2015, we have a competition going on for an Apple On Top bowl. You need to go there or you need to check out our announcement video for the details on that and I’ll see you guys next time. Happy smoking.

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