An Egyptian company that produces quality hookahs known for their very clean welds and solid construction. Originally Magdy Zidan was a company that dealt with silver and antiques. In 1982 they began working with stainless steel and making hookahs.

Most MZ hookahs are made in the traditional Egyptian style. Recently they have branched out into solid cast brass. These hookahs are know for having a wide draw and being a close competitor to Khalil Mamoon in regards to quality. Usually more cost efficient than KM hookahs and other high end hookahs.

Magdy Zidan Features

  • A very wide inner diameter which makes for a lot of airflow
  • Affordable prices
  • Very clean welds and construction
  • A wide variety of designs

Most Popular Hookahs

The Magdy Zidan Cairo is a solid brass hookah with a chrome finish and solid construction. MZ makes a pear style hookah similar to the Khalil Mamoon pear. Often called the Kosmo or Oracle.

Professional Series

In 2010, Magdy Zidan came out with two solid brass hookahs known as the Cairo and the Izmir. These hookahs are designed to use aspects of traditional Egyptian hookahs and Syrian hookahs. They are not considered part of the original line. In 2011 third design known as the Shiraz was added to the lineup with the same construction and properties as the Cairo and Izmir.

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