glue-hookah-bowlIt’s one of those awful moments that shisha smokers truly dread. You desperately want to smoke your hookah, but your bowl take a long walk off a shot dock and you don’t have a spare. So, can you put your bowl back together with a little glue?

Oh god, no.

Please please, please do not try to glue a bowl back together once it’s been broken. There are very few glues or epoxies that are food safe and even fewer of those are still food safe at high temperatures. When a glue dries and cures it releases gasses and chemicals that are almost all terrible for your health. This is expedited and exacerbated by high heat, which your coals will definitely provide. It may not feel like you are hurting yourself or sucking in toxic chemicals, but you need to think about the long run. Plenty of toxic chemicals are flavorless and scentless. Be smart and be safe.

Thank you to folks at Young Black Professionals group from Houston.

I do want to be clear that there are some adhesives that could be used for this application, but they are not sold at Home Depot and they are extremely expensive. Buying a new bowl would be a much more reasonable option. I get very attached to my bowls, some of which are quite rare, but almost every bowl can be replaced. If it can’t be replaced, oh well. It’s a chance to try something new.

Do not use glue on your bowls! Just wanted to drive that home once more.

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10 years ago

I see this all of the time and every time I cringe. Thank you for bringing this to light because I see at least one kid a day on hookah forums or wherever who glued their bowl back together and all I do is shake my head haha

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