There is a new style of hookah tobacco that has been pretty popular as of late that consists of a fruity flavor mixed with mint. The mos popular example of this in the USA is the Starbuzz flavor known as Blue Mist. This flavor is one of the most popular flavors on the market and many other companies have given their own spin on the flavor. Baja Blue is the Social Smoke answer to Bluemist. But how does the new contender compare to the reigning king?

Starbuzz Blue Mist is a blend consisting largely of an artificial blueberry flavor that reminds me of blueberry scented candles. By that I mean that the flavor is chemical and does not resemble real blueberries. This flavor is paired with a slight minty feelings. There is no actual mint flavor to speak of. Instead it is more of a mentholated feeling. Cool but with no distinct flavor.

Social Smoke Baja Blue is similar. The flavor strikes me as less chemical and more of a blueberry or blue raspberry candy. It’s hard to pin down but it is indeed tasty. The flavor is still nowhere near a real blueberry. This blend has much of the same minty feeling without a mint flavor but it’s slightly stronger than that of Blue Mist.

Between the two I like Baja Blue better. This is just my opinion but Blue Mist can get cloying after smoking it for a while. I have heard lots of stories of people that smoked nothing but Blue Mist for a long time and got completely burned out on the flavor. This can happen with any flavor in theory but I’ve seen this more with Blue Mist than I have with any other flavor. I got burned out pretty quickly myself and it took me a long time to try another “Blue” flavor. Baja Blue is less chemical tasting and has a stronger cooling effect so it gets my vote.

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