social-smoke-cherryCherry is one of the more common flavors in the hookah world but it’s one that is hard to get right.  Most cherry flavors taste medicinal and similar to cough syrup.  There are a few that don’t taste like medicine and these stand above the rest.  Social Smoke Cherry is one of those.

The smell in the container is a little bit like cough syrup and artificial cherry flavor.  It’s similar to maraschino cherries but not quite so sweet.

The clouds are voluminous and plentiful.  The smoke is smooth and has no harshness to it.  This blend is quite heat resistant and is hard to mess up.

The flavor on this one is far from cough syrup.  It’s definitely an artificial cherry with notes similar to maraschino cherry and to the centers of Cella’s chocolate covered cherry candies.  It’s sweet but not cloying.  It’s distinctly fruity and pleasant.  Over all I am very happy with this flavor

8 out of 10.  It’s a great flavor but I have to bump it down for not tasting like real cherries.  I am a stickler for natural and realistic flavors.  If the description  gave sounded tasty then I suggest picking up some of this flavor.  You won’t be disappointed.

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