Anyone who has read my blog posts here can easily tell that I am a big fan of spice flavors.   This flavor ranks pretty high on my list.  Social Smoke Cinnamon Spice is one of the latest offerings from the brand it’s it a winner in my book.

The smell on this one is distinctly cinnamon and it is backed by note of other spices.  I can’t easily pick them out in just the smell but I can easily tell that there is more going on here than just cinnamon.

The smoke is exactly what i would expect from Social Smoke tobacco.  The clouds are large and the smoke is smooth.

The flavor on this one is much of what I expected with a little more.  The cinnamon is dominant and the other spices are a present but a little hard to pick out.  the flavor is slightly muddled but not in an entirely bad way.  I would like the other flavors to be a little stronger as I think that would lend a little more complexity to the blend.

8 out of 10.  While  think this flavor is great it’s not very complex and it was a little less heat resistant than other Social Smoke offerings.  If you like spice flavors i suggest grabbing at very least a 100g pack of this tobacco.  It’s now a constant in my collection.

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