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Social Smoke Citrus Chill Shisha Review

Savannah:  Hi, I’m Savannah

Melissa:      I’m Melissa from the hookah lovers Tumblr page. We’re doing our first formal review of some hookah products. I’ve tried a lot but today we’re trying to Citrus Chill by Social Smoke.

Social Smoke Citrus ChillSo far it seems like a really good tobacco. It’s a really good balance of the citrus but also still minty because sometimes it’s a little overpowering. Either too much mint, citrus or just tastes like straight citrus with no mint.

This one I’ve personally never tried this brand before and it’s definitely a good first impression. It’s really refreshing and cool. The first time I tried it, I was actually coming down with a cold and it soothes my throat even though it was sore.

It’s a really good clean smoke that starts up really fast. It’s a texture not too juicy and it was not dry, not too juicy when it came out of the bag.

One thing that I personally am not crazy about is that it comes in a plastic container. I’m a fan of Starbuzz cans that come in the metal container just because you can use them for other things, they’re heat proof, if the cold hits it, it’s not going to melt.

Taste wise, it’s great. It says on here there’s no artificial dye, preservatives, and ingredients. It’s made in America.

Savannah:  It’s a really good balance of I can taste the citrus and the mint at the same time. It’s not all-citrus and then mint at the end. It’s perfectly balanced.0

Melissa:      And it’s not like an overwhelming super fruity, where it upsets your stomach or it’s just too much fruit at once. It just tastes nice.

We’re using Coco Nara natural coals on a stove. Personally those are our favorite to use because [00:03:36] and they just give you a nice clean smoke. It doesn’t give you any harsh background flavors that would be in some of the instant coals. Those with this is definitely a good choice.

We’re using our all glass Pharaoh hookah and 100% glass, super clean smoke and I would buy this again. I think it’s a great product, especially the fact that I was able to smoke it while I was sick because that’s not something that I can do often.

Savannah:  I’m glad that you can taste both. [00:04:25] flavor. I personally usually just smoke mint so I was trying to loosen up things and I can never taste enough mint in it.

Melissa:      This one comes citrus and mint and it’s still from two people who typically really like to smoke mint. This one isn’t too fruity to where it’s overpowering and it still tastes good.

Overall, we definitely recommend this product to any of our friends and anyone that’s wondering about it. Social Smoke brand.

The only thing that we can say that we’re not crazy about it is it would be cool if it was in a metal container. That’s literally the only thing. It still is in a closed container which is great because it’s not going to dry out so you can close it up, whereas some is in a bag where you’re not going to be able to seal it up and might dry out.

Citrus Chill, perfect mix of mint and citrus. I would definitely recommend this over most name brand products that you’ll see in most smoke shops or liquor stores or anything. It’s definitely one that I would recommend.

Thanks for watching.


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