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Social Smoke Clove Shisha Review

social-smoke-cloveI love cloves.  Not the crappy cigarettes the actual spice.  It’s a versatile and interesting spice that has a pleasing and warm flavor.  Social Smoke Clove is a great flavor that I am a fan of.  Can’t much more up front than that.

The smell is exactly what you would expect.  Strong clove with a very distinct sweetness.  It’s not complex or layered.  It’s called clove and it smells like clove.

The clouds are very large and the smoke is smooth.  The flavor is a little weak for me.  Trust me the flavor is not what I would call weak but compared to other clove tobaccos this is on the weaker end of the scale.  I can understand why many people would prefer this level of strength.  I know that some friends could only enjoy a punch you in the face level clove for so long.  I think Social Smoke found a great balance.

8 out of 10.  Personally I would prefer that this flavor was a little stronger so I docked it a point for possible improvement and one for cost.  It’s a bit pricey.  All in all this is a great flavor and I suggest grabbing some.  I love it all on it’s own and it makes a great mixer to add a little spice to other blends.  I have had awesome sessions while smoking 30/70 Social smoke Clove and Social Smoke Chai.


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