Cola is a flavor that seems fairly popular in the hookah community.  It’s also quite the variable flavor because there are so many different versions of cola in the world.

The smell on this one in the can is very sweet and spicy.  It smells great.  It smells like cola but it’s more of a classic cola scent.  It’s less like modern sodas and more like something you would find in the line up of a classic soda company. The clouds are great.  Social Smoke is a modern style tobacco so it has good heat resistance and is made to produce big clouds with smooth smoke.

The flavor is very similar to the smell.  Very sweet and spicy.  It’s great.  I’m not a soda drinker but i am a sucker for classic stuff like birch beer and the  old recipes.  This flavor has notes of caramel in the background supporting a big spice profile in the foreground.  I’m not talking about strong cinnamon here but it’s present.  It’s got a nice vanilla presence and other nuances that I can’t quite place.  Perhaps a very slight licorice that is very nicely balanced.


8.5 out of 10.  I think this is a great flavor.  It’s mellow but strong at the same time.  It’s something that I can smoke regularly without getting sick of it and it’s not so sweet that it becomes cloying or unpleasant.  Anyone that likes spice flavors, cola flavors or classic soft drinks should pick this up.  I think it could be a little more accurate to the modern cola to satisfy the modern soda drinker but I wouldn’t mess with it any more for fear of breaking up the nice balance of flavors that I am currently enjoying.

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