Lemon flavors are very hit or miss in regards to hookah tobacco.  Either they are great or they taste like floor cleaner.  I have had good luck so far but I have also had my fair share of lemon pledge flavored sessions.

Social Smoke Lemon is another great offering from Social Smoke tobacco.  It smells like lemon heads candy.  Not much like a real lemon or lemon zest.  Just lots of lemon candy  As with all offerings that i have tried from Social Smoke the clouds are really huge and the smoke is very smooth.  Nothing to complain about in that area.


It tastes similar to a real lemonade mixed with an artificial lemon candy flavor.  It’s not a chemical lemon or unpleasant.  It tastes more candyish than I would like but I’d say it’s kind of like making a big glass of lemon water and sweetening it by dropping in lemon fruit drops.  It’s a decently strong flavor and lasts a long time.  It’s really heat resistant and like i said earlier can produce some monster clouds.

7 out of 10.  I am a fan of this flavor I just wish it was a bit more natural.  It’s easily one of the best lemon flavors I have had and I suggest that all citrus fans pick this up the next time they make an order.

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