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Social Smoke Melon Rush Shisha Review

Paul: Hello folks. Paul and Cari here once again for another video review. This one is Social Smoke Melon Rush.

I am very thankful to Social Smoke. They sent us out a prerelease can of this flavor to try and so far I’m enjoying it.

I’m a fan of melon flavors, not so much, but this one’s nice. It’s not as sickeningly sweet and cloying as I found like Nakhla Sweet Melon to be, and it doesn’t seem to be a pure cantaloupe flavor or watermelon flavor. It’s a combination.

Cari:  I don’t like melon in general, I don’t like the fruit, I don’t like things that’s flavored or scented like melon; I find it all to be too sweet and in terms of hookah tobacco, while I do like candish flavors I tend to like the ones that have a little bit of a sour note to them as opposed to super sweet flavors.

This does not taste like any specific melon. It is not overly sweet.

Paul: I know that a lot of flavors in regards to hookah tobacco tend to shoot for one of the melons that’s either watermelon or cantaloupe. I’ve only seen a few honeydew flavors and this one to me rings mostly of honeydew and watermelon with a little bit of cantaloupe in the background.

Cari:  I don’t get much cantaloupe. I don’t like cantaloupe at all. It’s probably one of my least favorite melons. I would say for sure rings mostly of honeydew.

It is mildly floral, which I like because it adds softness to it. It’s not like smoking rose or anything like that that it tastes like smoking soap. I really like rose flavors.

Paul: This is much more of a subtle floral characteristic and it’s clean without tasting like cleaning product.

Cari:  All in all, while I’m not a huge fan of melon in general, this is a good smoke and it is a good well-balanced melon flavor. If you like melon, I highly recommend this.

Paul: And if you don’t like melon, if you’re like Cari and tend to find melon flavors to be really off putting and you hear melon and your nose wrinkles a little bit because you’re not looking forward to that, give this a try.

I think that is very serviceable and I think that it is something that could appeal to you because it’s definitely appealing to me.

Cari:  Try it out. It is a nice easy smoke.

Paul: Thanks for joining us. This is a positive review, a thumbs up for Social Smoke Melon Rush. Really tasty, nice, light, clean and very approachable melon.

Thank you very much for joining us once again and happy smoking.


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