Hey folks. Paul here once again with another video review for you. This one is for Social Smoke Mint.

Not absolutely zero, just they’re straight mint flavor, which is actually a pretty new flavor. It only came out a few months ago.

Social Smoke MintI really like it. I’m a big fan of street mint flavors. This one has a really distinct and potent cooling effect in the mouth and in the throat and lungs without being too overbearing. It’s not like straight menthol, which for some people can be way too intense.

It has a nice accurate and realistic mint flavor. It definitely tastes like mint leaves over something like mint gum or like a Listerine flavor, which I’ve had some tobacco tasting like that and they were no fun. This is more like your pick mint leaves and actually chew on them.

This is going to sound odd, but I know I’ve mentioned this before. There’s a slightly almost earthy dirty flavor to it. I mean that in the best way possible. It’s really enjoyable because it’s so realistic and that lends itself to that vegetal plant flavor that real mint actually should have.

The flavor is not overbearingly strong. This might not be the best mixing mint. I think that this is a really good tobacco just on its own, just straight with nothing else added.

I think it would mix fine. I just believe that the actual mint flavor will get overpowered too easily. If you want a mixing mint, I would suggest something like Nakhla Mizo mint, which has a very potent minty goodness going on.

As you can tell, the clouds are great, which is pretty standard for Social Smoke. They are definitely a modern style tobacco, even though they’re technically unwashed. They use a very light shade grown tobacco so there’s no actual tobacco quality to speak of and the smoke itself, though voluminous, is light and it doesn’t have a ton of heavy texture.

Very light nicotine too, but be aware that this is an unwashed tobacco so it will have just ever so slightly more of a buzz than some other brands like Fantasia. I put this more in the realm of Al Fakher for the nicotine levels.

This is a solid mint flavor and if you like mint, I really suggest checking this one out. It is well worth the endeavor. That is my review for Social Smoke Mint.

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Win in my stead; smoke hookah; enjoy yourself.

This is Paul for saying thank you very much for joining us and happy smoking.

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