social-smoke-plumPlum is not the flavor that gets the most attention bu it’s one that I like.  I have always been a fan of Dr Pepper and many people forget that it’s based on a spiced plum.  Every time I smoke plum I hope to find a great base for a Dr Pepper mix.

In the can Social Smoke Plum smells great.  It’s fruity and rich with a slightly oily nature to the scent.

The smoke is great.  The clouds are big and puffy.  It’s what I expect from Social Smoke.

The flavor is good.  It’s quite sweet and fairly accurate but tastes distinctly of plum flavored candy.  It’s rich and fruity with a good mouthfeel.  It’s not overly complex but it’s something I think is worth trying.

8 out of 10.  I think this is a great flavor all alone but it’s not for everyone.  Plum is a distinct flavor and it’s not exactly what many people want from a hookah tobacco.  All in all I think you should at least pick up a 100g can of this flavor if you are worried about not liking it.  If you like Dr Pepper, get it.

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