Hello folks. Paul here for Hookah.org and I have another video review for you. This one is for Social Smoke Pomegranate.

Pomegranate is a unique flavor. Many of you might know that pomegranate is the main flavor and component for grenadine, which is a common component in a lot of mixed drinks, like the Shirley Temple and things like that.

The pomegranate has been a very popular flavor in the middle east and in such areas that love hookah for many years, so grenadine, being a flavor that is produced by Alpha Care and pomegranate being a flavor that’s produced by many different brands, this is one that you either love or hate.

Pomegranate is a tough flavor to replicate. This one is fairly sweet. It’s not over the top so I understand why it’s called pomegranate rather than grenadine. It doesn’t quite have the sour bite that I enjoy from actually pomegranate seeds.

Social Smoke Pomegranate

It’s definitely a smooth flavor. It’s really tough to say whether or not this is an accurate pomegranate. It’s nice, it’s fruity, it’s smooth and its got a bit of a full flavor to it. It’s not light and crisp; it actually has some roundness to the actual smoke, which I enjoy, but this is lighter than something like Alpha Care Grenadine. If you like Alpha Care Grenadine, this might not be the pomegranate flavor for you but if you do like pomegranates, this is probably a pretty good bet. Most of the other ones I found have almost no flavor whatsoever. This is actually pretty good. I call it light to medium still, but it’s not non-existent.

I don’t really suggest mixing with this flavor simply because I think its going to get lost very easily, but as a standalone, it’s nice and it’s something light and fruity and pleasant that I think is a really good introduction for a lot of people. That’s about it.

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Thank you very much and happy smoking.

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