Those of you that have been following my reviews for even a short time will know that I am a big fan of floral flavors.  I think that we all need a break from the super sweet fruit flavors that most people associate with hookah.

Social Smoke Rose is one of the many rose flavored tobaccos on the market.  I know that a lot of people avoid rose and other floral flavors because they think they all taste like soap and smell like old ladies.  I can tell you that there are plenty of rose flavored tobaccos that taste distinctly of soap.  I have smoked a lot of them.  I also want to assure you that there are plenty of tasty rose tobaccos to be had.


In the can this one smells very sweet with a strong rose scent.  That’s no surprise but it smells a bit artificial.  I know that most people are not this picky but I actually cook with rose petals and brew with them once in a while too so I can pick out a natural rose from an artificial one easily.  It smells a little soapy which I was not excited about.

Social Smoke Rose has great smoke.  It’s Social Smoke so that should be no surprise.

The flavor on this one is good.  At the beginning of the bowl there was a bit of that soap flavor the people really don’t like.  I am happy to say that it fell off though and the flavor became a clean and sweet rose flavor that I really enjoyed.

7 out of 10.  I think that Social Smoke Rose a good rose flavor but if they could eliminate the soap flavor and add in the slightly sour note that real rose has then I would be in love.  It’s worth trying and I think it’s one of the better roses on the market but I think there are better rose flavors out there.

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