I was just recently speaking of mixed drink type tobaccos in a recent post.  This is another incarnation that is entirely different in nature.  A strawberry daiquiri is kind of a candyish drink to begin with.  It consists of blended strawberries, sugar, lime juice and white rum.  Understanding that this flavor is going to be candy like right from the start is going to make the favor a bit more enjoyable to people like me that are sticklers for accuracy.

The smell out of the can is awesome.  It’s slightly sour and smells like strawberry candies.  I’m not too hopeful for a strong flavor though.  Strawberry is a notoriously weak flavor.

The smoke is what you expect from Social Smoke.  Very big and very smooth.

The flavor on Social Smoke Strawberry Daiquiri was very weak when I started the bowl.  I was using a micro funnel bowl and two small pieces of an exotica coal.  It was not until I added a third piece of charcoal that any noticeable flavor presented it’s self.  The flavor at this point was slightly of strawberry candies with a somewhat sour note that is not distinctly lime but is tasty.  The flavor was pleasant but still very light by my standards.

5 out of 10.  I really don’t like giving this a 5 because the flavor is tasty it’s just damn weak.  I enjoyed it but that does not mean that it should be better.  I bet my girlfriend and my other hookah smoking female friends will really enjoy this one.  I suggest picking some up if you are looking for a candy strawberry flavor.  It’s not all that accurate to the flavor of a natural strawberry but it’s a decent candied strawberry.

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