Peach was the flavor to have for a long time and there was a bit of a fight to see who could have the best peach.  Now I have had many peach flavors and I have had many real peaches as well.  I love peach.  The only problem with peach hookah tobacco is that most of it ends up tasting like peach rings candy.


Social Smoke White Peach Is not half bad.  Right out of the can the scent is of peach rings.  I was not all that excited about this one but I was still hopeful.

The smoke is plentiful and fairly smooth.  This one has a little bit of an odd mouth feel to it.  It’s a little drying on the mouth and throat which is a little of putting.

The flavor is an ok peach.  It’s very candied and bears little resemblance to actual peaches white or otherwise.  If over heated this flavor can get a little soapy and kind of coat the tongue.  This means that the finish on this flavor is lengthy but it;s not really a flavor that I always want to hang around

5 out of 10.  All in all it’s not a bad option for peach.  I think there are better peach flavored tobaccos out there but this one is acceptable.  I would prefer a lot more actual peach flavor.  It’s not easy but I know it can be done.  I have had a couple that were very close to getting it right.  Of course I’ll let you know the second I find the perfect version of any flavor.

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