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I love traditional leather hoses but many people complain that they can’t be washed. The washable hose has now become the standard but leather hoses still have their followers and benefits in the world of more traditional hookah. Happily, there is a way to clean out a traditional hose without using water. Beat the hell out of […]

I’m constantly asked for advice on burnt bowls, wispy smoke, harsh sessions and lacking flavor. The answer I give is almost universally, “check your heat management”. That seems like a vague answer because there are so many different factors that go into managing a session but the following are the big ones. Size of the bowl […]

Watermelon Vase Hookah

In another example of our unending quest to give you everything you ask for and more I present to you my guide for making your own watermelon hookah vase. It takes a little work but it’s an eye catching conversation starter for those party nights and can actually enhance the flavor of your smoke a bit. […]

Ideally I would have my own smoking room with beautiful hardwood floors on which I can place my hookah and know it’s not going to tip. Well, I currently sit in my carpeted apartment and contemplate my lack of funds while enjoying some hookah. I may worry about money but I never worry about my […]

Today, I’m going to get into the what, why, and how of acclimating Tangiers tobacco. What is Tobacco Acclimation? Merriam-Webster defines acclimation as a physiological adjustment by an organism to environmental change. In this case, the tobacco needs to adjust (or acclimate) to the environment in which it is in. When opening a bag of […]

Avoid Hookah Sickness

I can feel the rumbling of my stomach as I simply remember the last time I succumbed to hookah sickness. If my work on achieves anything I hope to help you avoid bad sessions and the worst session is one that ends with a night praying to the porcelain god. It’s time to explore what hookah sickness […]