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Contest: What Is Your Favorite Charcoal and Why?

It’s Monday and that means we are giving away another 100g can of Social Smoke Tobacco!

This time I’m asking you to leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite type of charcoal for the hookah is.  This will be a lottery style drawing so your answer won’t be judged.  Let me know why you like that kind of charcoal and what you don’t like about it.  Please, only one entry per person.

I’ll start off.

Coconara charcoal is my favorite charcoal on the market right now.  I’ve tried just about everything and these produce great heat, burn for a long time and don’t leave charcoal dust all over your hands.  They are also perfectly sized for me.  I don’t have to break them up to get a perfect smoking session.  Three on a large bowl and two on a small usually works perfectly.  Regarding cleanup, they also leave behind a very small amount of ash compared to other hookah charcoals.

What I don’t like about them?  They are pricey.  Like many of the coconut charcoals on the market they are a bit more expensive by weight than natural lump charcoal but still cheaper than quick lights.  If they were cheaper I’d call them perfect but you pay for the high quality, lack of a mess and ease of use.


  1. Robert

    I agree with Coconara coals being the best, the coconut charcoal just seems to provide a smoother smoke that is less harsh it seems more natural.

  2. Robert

    Uhhhhh, Does this mean that I won?

  3. Kalutika

    That’s odd. I made a post congratulating you and telling you to contact Nima but for some reason it did not post at all…. Hmmm. Well, congrats. Contact Nima. 😀

  4. Harold J Roberts

    Starlight Cococoals for me. They are cheap enough I don’t mind smoking three or more times a day if it suits me. As well as they light faster than the coconaras do. I can get them smokeable in four minutes if I need to. Always a plus.


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