Social Smoke just released their new fully washable hose and, thanks to the generosity of, I got one to review!

This is the Social Smoke Large Professional Lounge Hose.

Not exactly the catchiest name for a hose but it sure is descriptive and this hose has a very wide inner diameter and is billed as the longest hose of its type on the market. At 81 inches long from tip to tip it is at least the longest hose that I have in my collection. The draw is similar to my other wide gauge hoses but I think the added length gives just  little restriction. It’s still one of the easiest draws you can get and it smokes wonderfully.

I only have a few complaints about this hose. When I first got this hose there was a slight plastic taste but that went away after the second pull off the hookah. This is common with all high end washable hoses I have used and it’s not a problem at all. The handle is very long and can be a little cumbersome but isn’t too bothersome. The actual hose is a little stiff and doesn’t flex as easily as I would like. I found the same problem with my Razan hoses but they eventually loosened up and I hope that this one does as well.

The design is really cool. I have the black version and the thread that is wrapped around the handle and the length of the hose is an interesting copper like metallic sheen. I’m not sure what kind of thread is used on the other three colors (blue green and red). The mouth tip is glued in so, sadly, you won’t be able to use a custom tip. The end tips are molded plastic as compared to the usual carved acrylic tips you get with other washable hoses.

All in all, I am really enjoying this hose. I have been using it exclusively to make sure that I can give you the best and most accurate review possible. At this point I can say that this hose stand up well against the other high end washable hoses and is priced competitively at only $16.50. For such a nice hose that’s a really reasonable price. If this hose hold up to the test of time I’d be tempted to suggest this hose over others. Currently, my green Razan is still going strong after years of use and it functions beautifully. We shall see if the new Social Smoke Large Professional Lounge Hose can take the top spot in a few years.

If I have to give this a number rating…. I’m thinking 8.5 out of 10. I wish the hose was more flexible and I wish the mouth tip was removable but, other than that, this hose is great. Half a point deducted for each of those very minor problems and half a point to leave room for improvement. If you want a washable hose I can suggest the Social Smoke Large Professional Lounge Hose with confidence.

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Jimmy Abdallah
Jimmy Abdallah
11 years ago

looks dope

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