In a hookah, the hose is the part where we pull the smoke (dah!). It is one of the most important parts of the hookah that can greatly affect the quality and thickness of the smoke. Let’s start with some definitions:

  • The gauge of the hose refers to the inner diameter of the hose.
  • Hose Handle is the end part of the hose that we hold in our hand when smoking the hookah. The handle can be made out of wood, acrylic, or plastic. It can also be short or long.
  • Washability refers to whether the hose can be washed with water or not. Hoses are either washable or not.

Hookah Hose Buying Tips

When you are buying a new hookah hose make sure you take the following points into consideration:

  • How large is the gauge? A large gauge hose has more of an effortless pull where a smaller gauge has a restricted pull. Some people like an easier draw and some people prefer the slightly restricted draw of a smaller gauge hose.
  • Is it washable? Washable hoses will last longer and can be used for more flavors but some people love traditional leather hoses.
  • What is the handle made out of? The choice for the type of handle is mostly personal. Wood handles are usually more fragile. Some hoses have removable mouth pieces that can be replaced with more ornate mouth pieces that suit your tastes.

In an ideal world you would smoke every different flavor from a different hose to avoid getting the flavors mixed up. Since we live in a real world, get a washable hose so that you can wash it in between your smokes. The three most common washable hookah hoses are Nammor, Razan, and Grand(Caravan).

Best Hookah Hose Brands

Following is a list of best hookah hose brands. The order of the list is somewhat personal. Nonetheless it’s a good reference to start with:

Nammor Hoses (~$19)

Nammor Hookah Hose

The Nammor Hookah Hose is arguably the best hookah hose out there and is made by It is a wide gauge washable hose. The name Nammor comes from the Romman brand of tobacco (also made by Hookah-Shisha) which is just Nammor backwards. There are many versions of the Nammor ranging from the original to the recently released “chrome” version. The original version comes in large and small versions which vary in length and the size of the handle.

Kahlil Mamoon Hoses (~$25)

Khalil Mamoon Hookah Hose

Mostly non-washable hoses that smoke great. Known for their wide draw and interesting designs. Khalil Mamoon hoses are based on the turkish style of hose with a long handle and ornate mouth piece which is usually made from acrylic. They also make smaller hoses but their wide gauge hoses are the most popular.

The Palace Glass Hose (~$29)

Glass Palace Hookah Hose

The Palace glass hose is another great hose. It has a glass mouthpiece, silicone hose, and aluminum end piece. One of the nice things about it is that unlike many washable hoses, a silicone hose does not need to be broken in and does not have any plastic flavor. It’s also entirely washable, both inside and out. It is a bit pricey at $29, but it is one of the top hookah hoses to smoke out of.

Fancy Hose/NuHose (~ $8.00)

Nu hookah hose

The Fancy Hose (formerly NuHose) is a disposable hose designed for one session smoking and for hygienic smoking at lounges. Many hookah smokers swear by these hoses as a cheap and reusable alternative to much more expensive washable hoses. They have a simple design without any frills or extra details. they are simply a ribbed plastic hose with molded plastic ends that come in various colors. They are entirely washable and easily taken apart. They use no glue and rely solely on pressure to maintain their airtight seal.

Mya Saray Hoses (~$18)

Mya Hookah Hose

Mya Saray hoses have been in the market for some time now. Almost all of them are non-washable but some have unique innovations. Recently they came out with a hose. Known as the Mya Freeze, that has freezable ice packs in the handle that can be removed and placed in the freezer to chill the smoke right before it enters your mouth. Mya Saray hoses are available in a variety of styles including the Long Handle, Cloisonne and the aforementioned Mya Freeze.

Razan Hoses (~$24)

Great washable hoses with a large gauge size made by Nazar. Named in a similar fashion to the Nammor. Razan hoses are made my Nazar Hookah. The Razan also comes in the Sultan version with has a built in hose cover. There are rare gold and platinum versions of the Razan Sultan but they are not made with any actual metal.

Al Fakher Hoses

Al Fakher, mostly known for its Al Fakher Tobacco makes only a few hoses. They produce the Al fakher Healthy hose which for a long time, was the most used disposable hose. Cheap and washable.

Grand (Carvan) Hoses

Caravan makes various hoses similar to Khalil Mamoon but their washable version is known as the Grand. It is fairly easily recognized by the single color design from top to bottom.

Shisha Hose Maintenance

Keep your hose clean: If you do get a washable hose, please do wash it every time after smoking. It helps to avoid “ghosting” which is when one flavor will stick in the hose and mix with the next flavor you smoke. Here is a guide to find out whether your hose is washable or not. Here is another guide on how to clean your leather shisha hose.

While smoking you might get water or ash in your hose. Here are two guides to help you:

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