Made by the Khalil Mamoon company known for their high end hookahs. Their bigger hoses are the standard for wide gauge hoses. Made in Egypt with many different materials to finish the hose including twisted cord and dyed leather. These hoses ARE NOT washable.

The Good

  • The wide draw hose that inspired modern wide draw hoses.
  • Lots of different styles and colors. More so than almost any other brand.
  • Made from leather, traditional hookah smokers love these for devotion to one style of flavor.
  • Solid construction.

The Not So Good

  • Not washable. Water will destroy these hoses.
  • If not allowed to dry after each smoking session the leather can begin to degrade.

User Reviews

  • Kalutika: I have a standard KM hose, which is known as the Rainbow, and a KM Pro hose. I love them both. The draw is very wide open and easy. They are also very durable and flexible. I have never had an issue with them. I devoted them to black style tobacco and spice flavors. It would be great if they were washable but it’s not a problem because I want the flavor to build up and mature like in the days of old.
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