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Razan Hookah Hose

A washable hose made without metal or leather. Originally made for One of the most popular washable hoses. There are multiple versions including the original Razan, Sultan, Abu Mahir and Raja.

The Good

  • Made without the use of leather or metal of any kind so that the hose can be washed out
  • Flavors don’t stick to these hoses easily because they are made with plastic
  • A very wide inner diameter makes for an easy draw
  • Attractive styling and colors
  • Very durable

The Not So Good

  • The hose is a little stiffer than some other washable hoses
  • Acrylic tips are susceptible to breaking if dropped or struck sharply
  • The outside should not be washed as the colors can run and the water will damage the handle wrap

User Review

Kalutika: I have had two Razan hoses for years now and I love them. After 3 years one of them finally fell apart but the other one is still going strong and shows no signs of wear. The stiffness of of the hose section is no problem for me but it’s something to be aware of as lighter hookahs may be more easily pulled over.


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