Nammor hoses are one of the many options you have when looking for an upgrade from the stock hoses that most hookahs come with.  Nammor hoses are washable and very durable.  As with all hoses there is an upper limit to the abuse they can take but Nammors have the advantage of being washable and made mostly of plastic.  This means that rusting and corrosion is a thing of the past.

I had a little trouble with the first nammor I ever bought.  It was an early productin model and the acrylic tip that goes into the hose port snapped because it had been carved too deeply.  I replaced it and sealed the break with super glue.  For a while I had no issues but eventually the grommets came out of both hoses.  This isn’t much of an issue as they can be glued back in and will still seal even if you don’t.

Over all I am giving the nammor a 7 out of 10.  The functionality of the hose is great but I have had some issues with the construction.  Apparently they have worked out some more of the kinks over time but I have not have the opportunity to try the newer hoses.  Maybe one day I will get a new one and give this a redo.  but until then it’s a 7 from me.

The Good

  • Comes in a large and small size.
  • Made without the use of leather or metal of any kind so that the hose can be washed out.
  • Flavors don’t stick to these hoses easily because they are made with plastic.
  • A very wide inner diameter makes for an easy draw.
  • Attractive styling and colors.

The Not So Good

  • The glue used is a little weak and may fall apart eventually.
  • Acrylic tips are susceptible to breaking if dropped or struck sharply.
  • The outside should not be washed as the colors can run and the water will damage the handle wrap.
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Joe Vandergraff
10 years ago

I’ve found HookahJohn’s Narbish hoses are a bit more durable than Nammor hoses, and are quite a bit longer. They also have similar color options and removable acrylic tips.

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