There has been a heated debate raging on the online hookah forums for a long time. Which are better? Syrian hookahs or Egyptian hookahs? I don’t think that question has an answer. It a matter of what is right for each smoker. I’m just trying to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision when choosing a new hookah.

What makes a Syrian hookah different?

Most commonly, when someone is talking about a Syrian hookah they are talking about a solid brass hookah like those made by Nour. The hookah stem is made from cast and hand tooled brass rather than the stainless steel, aluminum and more you might find in other areas. This is one of the most prominent features of Syrian hookahs. This lends a very solid feel to the stem and makes them very long lasting because brass cannot rust.

Syrian hookahs are known for their beauty and their long life but they are also known for having fairly restricted draws. They are not hard to pull from by any means but they are designed in a more traditional way as opposed to the new trends of bigger hookahs with wider gauge down stems and ports. Many people prefer the more restricted draw of a Syrian hookah as they say it enhances the flavor and forces you to take your time and relax rather than fight to get the biggest pull. A slightly more restricted draw also helps the bowl last longer because you are not pulling as much air over the coals and forcing them to burn hotter.

Sometimes, to achieve a chrome looking finish, the brass will be nickel plated. This makes for a high gloss, tarnish resistant and very appealing silver colored finish.

Recently more Egyptian hookah companies have been making all brass hookahs so it is no longer just a feature of Syrian pipes but it is still associated with them.

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12 years ago

First off, I would agree with the comment that Syrian hookahs are made from brass. After that, lets just say there are a few facts missing.
The real difference between Egyptian and traditional Syrian hookahs is in the construction of the stem. An Egyptian uses a solid tube from the bowl to the vase. All of the material beyond that stem is simply added as an ornament. A true Syrian has hollow cast parts which allow the smoke much more surface contact to dissipate heat and provide a cooler smoke. As to a “restricted draw”, methinks not. With the added surface area of the cast parts, draw is limited by the down tube into the vase. If you want a better draw, increase the down tube. If you have an egyptian, ignore that, there is nothing you can do.

Another factor to consider is the maintenance. Instead of hassling with a 3 foot chunk of stuff in the kitchen sink, why not deal with 6 inch pieces that are easily cleaned? Did I mention that Syrian hookahs break down into smaller pieces? As individually cast parts, there won’t be the hassle of dealing with a monstrous UNIT.

Here is the real downer. You can’t get a real Syrian Hookah. Due to the current political “stuff”, all imports are cut off. I haven’t seen a true Syrian hookah for sale since 2008. The purveyors who are currently on line will sell you “stuff” do not have real Syrian hookahs has a limited selection of pseudo Syrian parts.

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