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There are lots hookah tobacco companies in the market today each with their own flavors. Many of the tobaccos come from Middle East however there are some that are packaged and/or made in United States and other countries as well.

Following is a list of most hookah tobacco (called shisha in U.S.) on the market. New brands are cropping up all the time and there are lots of brands that never make it to the US market so we are updating this list regularly. Read the detailed reviews, check out their tobacco flavors, and choose which one to test out next.

Charcoal is one of the three big necessities for smoking hookah.  There is really nothing you can do with a hookah and a bunch of hookah tobacco unless you have the proper charcoal to make it all come together and produce the hobby we all know and love. The charcoal that is most popular today […]

[hookah_rating ingredients=”Mangosteen”] I am going to start this by saying that I need to get my hands on a mangosteen.  If it tastes anything like this tobacco I am going to start questioning the sanity of those that consume them. I had heard rumors about mangosteen in the past.  I have seen it bashed quite […]

[hookah_rating ingredients=”Cola”] As you guys are aware I am a fan of spice flavors over fruit flavors most days.  Cola, when tracing it back to it’s roots, is a flavor based on spices, herbs and plant essences.  This is because the grand-ancestors of them all started with the creation of medicines and tinctures, thus many […]

From my experiences in the past, margarita flavored tobacco tastes like lime. It’s sweet, sour and very candied. When I wanted lime I ordered margarita. That is what I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised.'s Facebook Page's Twitter Profile's Instagram Profile's YouTube Channel's Google Plus Profile's Pinterest Page's Tumblr Page's LinkedIn Page's RSS Feed