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Fumari Ambrosia Hello, folks, Paul here once again with another review for you. This one is for a very, very popular flavor that I had really never tried until recently: Fumari Ambrosia shisha. This was one of your suggestions from the last contest that we run about your favorite brands and favorite flavors and thank you, […]

Haze Cucumberita Shisha Hello, folks, Paul here once again with another review for you. This one is for Haze Cucumberita shisha, which is a Cucumber Margarita flavor. Odd, very odd, but surprisingly good. The flavor is predominantly margarita. It’s very, like, kind of sour-sweet lime, but it has kind of a background note of cucumber that’s actually […]

Social Smoke Melon Rush Paul: Hello folks. Paul and Cari here once again for another video review. This one is Social Smoke Melon Rush. I am very thankful to Social Smoke. They sent us out a prerelease can of this flavor to try and so far I’m enjoying it. I’m a fan of melon flavors, not so much, […]

[hookah_rating ingredients=”Melon | Cherry | Raspberry | Pineapple”] Social smoke is a brand that you should all be familiar with at this point.  I have been working my way through the multitude of flavors that the line offers and the average review is definitely positive.  Potion #9 by Social Smoke found it’s way into my […]

It’s a great melon flavor and it’s one of the better melon tobaccos I have had. I wish that it was a bit more of a honeydew melon but I am not sure if that is a plausible request. The flavor is smooth and clean. The clouds are big and puffy and the smoke is smooth. If you like melon flavored tobacco then this is worth a shot.

If you want a good and affordable melon blend then this is an awesome option. I think that they could enhance the melon flavor a bit and add in more banana and coconut and this would be awesome. I docked it a bit because it’s pretty much just melon but if that’s what yo expect it’s nice.

Smells like cantaloupe. Taste like cantaloupe. It’s a very accurate melon flavor. Something about it sits funny with me though.'s Facebook Page's Twitter Profile's Instagram Profile's YouTube Channel's Google Plus Profile's Pinterest Page's Tumblr Page's LinkedIn Page's RSS Feed