When it come to hookahs, I am of the camp that believes functionality should always come first. Don’t get me wrong; I love a beautiful hookah and I have spent a good deal of money on superfluous items to make my rigs really shine, but I’m not about to go spend a hundred dollars on a Bohemian crystal vase that I’ll probably just end up breaking. So, why are people so keen on Bohemian vases and what does BOHO mean?

BOHO is a bit of slang that has started among the hookah fanatics that is just shorthand for Bohemian. These are very high quality vases with high price tags and a devoted following. Nothing particularly complicated about that. The definition of “Bohemian” is where we get a bit more complex.

In the simplest terms, Bohemian means that it is from Bohemia, which is another way of saying the Czech Republic. For a vase to be a true Bohemian vase or BOHO it needs to have been produced in the Czech Republic, an area that has been known for its fine glass work and superior quality for a very long time. To be a vase deserving of the BOHO moniker, it must also be made from crystal, which is a particular type of glass we will go over at another time. For many years, the true sign of class for a household was a nice set of glasses and a decanter made from Czech crystal. This trend has fallen out of favor as of late, but true Czech crystal is well loved by many and prized for it’s clarity, weight and beauty.

There are also many vases produced in other areas that are sold as Bohemian or even just Bohemian style. This is really confusing as many of these vases are not even made out of crystal, some of them are actually of quite good quality and few of them have even share their shape with each other. The picture used in this article is a good example of a high quality vase that is often mistaken as a Bohemian vase. This vase is the one that come with a Mya Saray Colossus and it is one of my favorite vases that I own. It is extremely clear, very heavy and completely stable. These are the qualities that BOHO fans tout in regards to true Bohemian vases, but this is not a Bohemian vase. Let’s be clear here. Mya does not claim that this base is Bohemian crystal. They do sell true crystal products, but this is not one of them. For my money, a Bohemian vase needs to be from the Czech Republic and made from true Crystal for it to be Bohemian.

I hope that this clears up a couple questions you may have had and helps you make a good choice if you ever decide to buy a Bohemian vase. It may still be hard for you to tell a BOHO simply from looking at it, but you can be sure that you’ll know the difference if you ever get to hold one in your hands. There are many people out there who will slap the word “Bohemian” on a junk vase and try to sell it at a jacked up price, but I hope that my articles can help you spot these fakes and get what you are paying for.

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