I have heard a few good things about the Belgian natural disc charcoal so I was very interested in getting my hands on some.  These are a 40 mm disc shape that is similar to the disc quick lights that many people are used to.  These have no starter on them and thus need to be lit light other natural coals.

I have been splitting these in half by scoring them with a knife and snapping them along that line.  They are a little fragile.  No where near as dense as exotica sticks.  They can crumble if too much pressure is applied but it’s not a big deal.  These will leave some black dust on your hands but it’s not bad.  Better than a lot of other coals.

The time it takes to light these is a little longer than my other natural coals on a gas stove but it’s nothing to scoff at.

The important part of this review is how they smoke and how long they last.  The heat they produce is a little low by my standards and it took me one and a half coals to get really good smoke on my mini funnel bowl.

They ash very little and the ash sticks to the coals but it’s not a problem.  It’s just a little different.

They last a while but I’ll admit that I did not time them.  I’ll come back with a time at a later point but you can rest assured that they last a good amount of time.

These are packages similar to the average quick light coal.  They come in sleeves that make them easy to transport and easy to just throw in a bag and go if you are heading to a party or out for some smoking amongst nature.

All in all I am giving these a thumbs up.  I have only smoked with them a few times at this point and I don’t think I can give a fair number rating at this point.  I wish they were a little more dense and did not break so easily but it’s not going to turn me off of them by any means.  The cost is a little high but they are far from the most expensive charcoals on the market.

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