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  1. Thanks. Hopefully as Tapatalk upgrades their app, the mobile becomes better too
  2. Just got the mugs for the giveaway in mail
  3. I think the system knows who you are replying to and send an email to them. I'm not sure if this is a new feature or something I can turn on and off. I'll look into it. Can you start a thread and see what others think about this? Thanks
  4. Thanks Damian. Can you post screen shots of what you're talking about the combined replies? Also are you talking about the shisha flavor ratings in our blog?
  5. I just ordered a bunch of mugs too. They should get here in the next one week and I'll have them all wrapped and ready to ship. That way I can get them out the door as soon as the giveaway ends. Thanks for all the feedback so far.
  6. Thanks for the feedback Mint Head. Can you tell me more about the problems you're having when trying to post? Are you posting through the desktop, mobile browser, or mobile app? If you can give me more detail I can get our programmer to fix it (or pass it as a bug to the forum software people).
  7. Nima

    Show your pets!!

    It does take a lot of time.
  8. Nima

    Show your pets!!

    Beautiful. My girlfriend has a cat too. I can't trust my dog along with any cats though.
  9. Nima

    Hookah.org Official Video Reviews

    A little delayed but here is our newest video
  10. Nima

    Hookah.org Official Video Reviews

    Leave a comment on the video. He usually reads those too.
  11. And hopefully the box from hookahset.com, lol
  12. Nima

    Hookah.org Official Video Reviews

    All good points. I'll mention them to Paul for future Vendor Reviews.