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Win a 40'' Metallic Black Hookah (Worth $109.00 + Shipping)

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haha, Sorry.

The reviews very really good. so Thank you everyone for entering. :)

We had 14 entries (1 was a review of Hookah.org not Smoking-hookah.com) and I used the tool here and the winner was #13: stevenyee :

Honestly, the website itself is very well made. Telling you about features you already consciously implemented that work wouldn't really be that helpful since you would know why it's good, so i'll talk about what I don't like to hopefully make your website better. For one thing, while the background make attract the target audience, I might consider a less 'psychedelic' background as it might pull the attention from the product. I also might put the register information on the right as that is where I am usually accustomed to it being. You could also maybe put a beginner hookah information near the top instead of the bottom or somewhere more effective more people who are just getting into the activity but don't have much experience. It'd probably help your business more since the hookah industry is booming. But honestly, you could go along without implementing my suggestion as the website is great as is. As if it would attract my attention from other competitors, I would say yes as long as you maintain the professional look of your site.

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