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Watching/Listening to Right Now Thread

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I watch call of duty videos because I'd go through a 250 of tangiers if I played nearly as much as those guys do. My blood boils I swear haha. Skyrim is definitely a fun time compared to that game!

I am not a fan of call of duty. Recently I've been playing a new free to play game called Dirty Bomb. It's an interesting shooter and can get very competitive. I can totally agree that blood gets boiling after a while


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I don't really play cod anymore, its been a few years now or so. The only blood boiling game I play which I haven't for a bit would be tekken. I played a lot of skyrim too and might again, probably play through oblivion again as well. But lately I just don't feel like playing anything I just like to relax and smoke when I don't work most of the time lol

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