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Romman Shisha Reviews

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When it comes to hookah parties I actually found this lounge one of the greatest places where I could actually managed to get amazing fun. Plus I always get great services.

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This is an older review I did in May of 2013. Thought I would dust it off and share here.

[brand and Flavor: Romman 250g Chocolate Mint

Shisha Cut: Uniform and on the small side

Hookah Type: Mya Astra

Duration: 3 hours, the Kaloud can make it go longer but flavor starts declining after about 2

Bowl: Phunnel

Foil / Screen: Kaloud Lotus

Coal / Amount: 3 Coco Naras to start and then 2 more every 45 mins to an hour

Smoke: Nice thick clouds

Buzz: Moderate

Smell / Flavor: Lots of chocolate it almost smells like a scratch and sniff chocolate smell the taste is more of a chocolate tootsie roll with a little touch of mint over all it is very enjoyable

Rating 1 to 10: 8 This is the first Romman Brand Shisha I have smoked and I like it I will start buying others to try as long as you are not expecting an in your face Andes’ Mint flavor I think you will enjoy it

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