Starbuzz has been one of the most popular brands of hookah tobacco on the North American market for a long time now and they have held that position by innovating new flavors that appeal to smokers who seek out big clouds with no tobacco notes and flavors that resemble syrup laden desserts and mixed drinks. It’s not exactly my bag, but lots of people love them and clamor over their newest products. I’m not too sure how people are going to feel about this one though.

This is one of the new electronic cigarettes that Starbuzz has put on the market. This one is obviously flavored like their wildly popular and often copied flavor, Blue Mist. This flavor has not been represented in the electronic cigarette world as of yet and those that love Blue Mist are pretty much always looking for a way to enjoy it 24/7.

I am currently waiting on a response from Starbuzz that will clarify whether or not they include nicotine in their ecigs, but the website doesn’t mention anything about nicotine. There is a good chance that these are nicotine free because there is absolutely no tobacco in this product, but don’t quote me on that. I still need confirmation and I will update this article as I get it.

I think that these are a good option for the Starbuzz lover on the go who can’t take the time to set up a hookah or wants to smoke in a situation where tobacco and open coals are banned. Electronic cigarettes are a good option, but it was not until now that the exact flavors offered by a shisha tobacco company were available. If you wanted to mix your own Blue Mist ecig juice it was a trial and error situation, like trying to replicate a mixed drink you had at a bar but don’t know the ingredients used in it.

Lastly is the cost. These are disposable ecigs and they cost about $10 a piece. This makes them more expensive than other disposable ecigs and considerably more expensive than a reusable model in only a few weeks. Without having tried these ecigs yet, I think that Starbuzz should make their flavors available in the form of just juice if they want to capture the ecig market.  This will not satisfy all hookah smokers and it’s not going to take over the ecig crowd any time soon, but the Starbuzz lovers will likely be happy that they can take their favorite flavor on the go.

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11 years ago

EZ-Cig…much better than the starbuzz. 12 flavors, “up to 600 puffs”…and no annoying button to hold down when you “smoke” it!

11 years ago

So, I kind of wish I could edit that…my name is ERIN not Erom.

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