For a long time now I have been using my wind cover as a charcoal carrier.  It’s not the most effective charcoal carrier but it works if you are too cheap and stingy to drop the money on a real one.  Just don’t tip it too far either way or you’ll have a disaster.  Well, I finally decided to get a medium coal basket and I’m quite pleased with the purchase.

I always looked at a charcoal carrier as 10 bucks I could spend one tobacco or charcoal.  While that may still be true i think that this is a good addition to any hookah arsenal as it helps avoid dropped coals.  I see a lot of people walking with charcoal gripped in their tongs from the stove to their smoking area and it makes me nervous every time.  That’s why I started using the wind cover trick but now I don’t have to do either.

The construction is pretty good.  The actual basket part comes out and is not fixed to the frame but I figure that’s for easier cleaning or replacement.

The medium is a good size for me.  It’s not too bulky and could easily hold 5 or 6 Coconara coals without a problem.

I’m not really sure what to compare this to for a number rating.  I think I’ll give it an 8 out of 10 as a charcoal carrier.  It’s well made and does the job.  It may be a little hard to justify spending the money on something non-essential but it’s cheaper than a replaced carpet or a resurfaced hardwood floor.

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