A new hookah accessory has hit the market recently and it’s not getting a lot of attention. Hookah Homes claim to be the solution to tipped hookahs and broken vases, but will it really deliver on this promise?

As you can see by the picture this product is a wooden stand of sorts that stabilizes the hookah and prevents tipping when pets or clumsy guests bump into the hookah or pull on the hose too hard. The creator of the Hookah Homes has a video in which he yanks the hose clear out of the port without so much as tipping the hookah. you can find that video on the Hookah-Shisha.com product page. The wide base and flat surface make this a pretty stable home for your hookah. Besides, this is a pretty swanky looking option for adding stability.

So, is it really worth the money? Well, that depends on you and your situation. If you have a perfectly balanced hookah with a wide, dish style base and you smoke on a perfectly flat surface you might not be interested. If your hookah is unstable and too tall for the width of your base or you smoke on carpet, you might want to give these a bit of consideration. This product will be especially interesting to those of us who have Bohemian crystal vases that cost a lot of money. Durable as they may be, you can always be a little safer with your investment.

I can’t give a final judgement on these Hookah Homes as I have not had the chance to try one, but my initial impression is that it’s not a bad product. It might not be for everyone and I can’t guarantee that it will fit every base or hookah in the world, but you can ask the customer service reps at Hookah-Shisha and hey should be able to give you an answer for your specific rig.


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