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Micro Crown Classic Glass Bowl

I have been using Crown Hookah products for the entirety of their existence as a store and I have always been happy with their performance. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Micro Crown Classic in the short time that they were produced and here is how I feel about them.

This is now the bowl that I use more than any other. If I ever break this bowl or lose it in any other way, I will be very unhappy. This thing is tiny and very efficient. This was based on the design of their “one coal bowl” that is another short lived product, but it’s slightly larger. When packed loosely, this bowl hold about 18g of modern style moassel and that is seriously small. I have saved so much tobacco that I am amazed. A 250g pack lasts for a ridiculous amount of time and can easily equate to about 13 individual sessions.

Property of Crown Hookahs

Crown Classic Glass Bowl. Image: property of Crown Hookahs

In regards to charcoal, I have successfully used this bowl with a single, large coconut charcoal and had a nice short session. I much prefer to use two coconut coals on this bowl and feel that this gives a better session and better smoke. I can get an easy hour out of this bowl and still have time left without using much tobacco at all. This is a serious money saver that pays for itself in pretty short order depending on the coals and tobacco you are using.

9 out of 10 I could see this bowl being improved slightly, but not too much. It heats evenly, smokes beautifully and is at the high end of efficient tobacco economy. It smokes every tobacco that I have easily and I won’t give the micro Crown Classic Bowl up for anything. I will be interested to see if they make a micro for the new version of the Crown Classic. If they do, I may buy one just to have it as a backup.


  1. Santino

    Really nice write up Paul, enjoy your bowl and guard it well. They will never be made again. It was a great concept on paper, but didn’t hold up to the proper standards that the Micro Funnel & Crown Classic series provides, was just a tad too small.

    • Kalutika

      Pretty obviously, I think it’s a solid bowl that was well worth the purchase. I love your products and I wish I could try more of them, but my measly earnings don’t allow for that. lol. You say that the micro is a poor representation of what the Crown Classic should really smoke like, well I’ve never used the true Crown Classic so I can’t really comment on that. I actually just unpacked the two designer tips I have from back in the day and I’ve been using one of them with every session now. It’s nice to feel like a high class smoker from time to time.

  2. Selena Aniston

    Great Information.Willing to follow your posts in quest to gather ideas for a better smoke and hookah tobacco.


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