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Search in excerpt I really like the Social Smoke Arabian Nights.  This is one of the few times that I will make my opinion on an item very obvious right from the beginning. This tobacco is supposed to be an Arabic coffee flavor with hints of cardamom.  I love Arabic/Greek/Turkish coffee and in traditional Arabic coffee cracked cardamom […] Coffee is the lifeblood that keeps this world running only a few minutes behind and lets us relax in those few quiet moments, so it stands to reason that it would be one of the more popular flavors in the world of hookah. Nakhla Coffee is one of the strongest coffee flavors you can […]

Othmani Turkish Coffee

There are some truly terrible coffee flavors on the market with the worst of them tasting like a combination of artificial chocolate and sweetened popcorn rolled in dirt. I am happy to say that Othmani Turkish Coffee is better than that by leaps and bounds. There have been a few changes made to Othmani as […]

This is a topic that I hear brought up quite regularly. “I’m sick.  Should I stop smoking hookah?” The short answer: Yes! Smoking of any kind is bad for you and makes it harder for the body to recover from illness.  The worst case scenario is if you are dealing with a chest cold or […]

Coffee flavored tobaccos are on my list of favorites and there are a lot out there.  Hookah-Hookah makes some nice coffee flavors and one of the blends I like the most is Mocha. The smell on this tobacco right out of the tub is about what you would expect.  It smells like strong coffee with […]

Hookah-Hookah is a brand like any other that has high points and low points.  The Irish Cream flavor from Hookah-Hookah is a high point. The clouds on this one are medium to large.  For a  Hookah-Hookah tobacco this one is fairly wet.  many of their blends are somewhat dry and some people take issue with […]

There are some really terrible coffee flavored tobaccos out there so this may be a good stepping stone before you accidenty scare yourself away from an entire genre of wonderful flavors.'s Facebook Page's Twitter Profile's Instagram Profile's YouTube Channel's Google Plus Profile's Pinterest Page's Tumblr Page's LinkedIn Page's RSS Feed