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Cleaning Clay Hookah Bowl

Continuing my experiments with OxiClean style cleaners I took my oldest bowl with years of crud stuck to it and gave the dunk. What do you think happened? Eww. I used the same method for this cleaning procedure as I used with my glass bowls. I placed the bowl in a sauce pan with just […]

The proper way to smoke Tangiers tobacco has been a hot topic of debate since it was first introduced. Some smokers handle it like unstable uranium and smoke this tobacco with a degree of ritual and mysticism often reserved for voodoo rights. Today we focus on just one method for poking holes in the foil. […]

Clean Glass Hookah Bowl

The beauty of a well made glass bowl is something to behold, but it doesn’t last forever as gunk builds up inside these little pieces of art. It doesn’t affect the flavor and you don’t have to clean off this gunk anymore than will be accomplished with a quick rinse and a light scrub. Why have […]

Time for another introductory class on the hookah. Today we are going to take all the bits and pieces we listed last time and put them together into a functioning rig. From the base to the the bowl, there is a particular order to these things and you want to get it right so you can […]

I’ve come to realize that even though we have a lot guides on this website we do not have a general beginner hookah. Everyone needs to start somewhere and I’d like to introduce you to our favorite smoking device. This is Hookah 101 and if you scroll a little down you’ll see a picture of it […]

October is upon us and that means it’s time for masked shenanigans and spooky seances while enveloped by creeping fog. Imagine some eerie music and howling wolves on a stormy night. Is that sound swirling around in your head? Do you have goosebumps yet? Good. Now you’re ready to make a pumpkin hookah for your […]