hookah-grommetThis is not the most exciting product I am ever going to review but it’s one of the most over looked when people think about hookah.  If your grommets are old and don’t seal well then you need to replace them.  Simple as that.  With  poor seal and bad grommets your rig is not going to perform as well as it really should.

This grommet is fairly thick and works well with modern style bowls like those that come with MYA hookahs, vortex bowls and funnelsAny bowl with a  fairly wide opening at the base will require a thick grommet or require you to stacks thinner grommets.  For bowls with a smaller opening I prefer silicone grommets or “Traditional Grommets”, which are thinner.

My only real complaint with these grommets is that they are a big rigid.  I have one thick modern grommet for a long time ago that is similar in design but made of a very pliable material.  It’s much more rubbery and makes a perfect seal.  When I first got my hands on one of these I was hoping that they would be the same.  No such luck.

7 out of 10.  These are the standard bowl grommets that come with many modern hookahs and they are great but could stand to have a little more give.  They are good and work well with many bowls.  If you need a new bowl grommet I would suggest this one because it should fulfill your requirements quite well.

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