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Search in excerpt This is definitely one of the most modern tobacco that I enjoy smoking. It’s dripping with juice and produces some serious clouds as a result. But, I’m glad it comes in a ziploc pouch because it would be a messy hassle to deal with otherwise. In said package the tobacco smelled amazingly sweet and […] The morning has just begun and I’m on the hunt for a cup of coffee to clear away the fog. What goes nicely with a cup of liquid GO? Coffee tobacco. Something Girlie Little Ameera is a light coffee flavor meant for those of us with a taste for coffee who don’t want something […]

The holidays have been crazy, as most of you can attest and now I finally have time to sit down and catch up. Given the opportunity, I decided to sit down with Fantasia Ace of Spades and give it a shot. Fantasia is definitely not my usual tobacco choice. This is a super modern style […]

As anyone who has been reading this blog knows, I am a fan of non fruity flavors.  I am a huge advocate of mint, spices and floral flavors.  I think that they are an essential part of the hookah experience that can break up the monotony of fruit with something more interesting and memorable. Nakhla […]

Coffee flavored tobaccos are on my list of favorites and there are a lot out there.  Hookah-Hookah makes some nice coffee flavors and one of the blends I like the most is Mocha. The smell on this tobacco right out of the tub is about what you would expect.  It smells like strong coffee with […]

There are some really terrible coffee flavored tobaccos out there so this may be a good stepping stone before you accidenty scare yourself away from an entire genre of wonderful flavors.'s Facebook Page's Twitter Profile's Instagram Profile's YouTube Channel's Google Plus Profile's Pinterest Page's Tumblr Page's LinkedIn Page's RSS Feed