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There are lots hookah tobacco companies in the market today each with their own flavors. Many of the tobaccos come from Middle East however there are some that are packaged and/or made in United States and other countries as well.

Following is a list of most hookah tobacco (called shisha in U.S.) on the market. New brands are cropping up all the time and there are lots of brands that never make it to the US market so we are updating this list regularly. Read the detailed reviews, check out their tobacco flavors, and choose which one to test out next.

Coffee flavored tobaccos are on my list of favorites and there are a lot out there.  Hookah-Hookah makes some nice coffee flavors and one of the blends I like the most is Mocha. The smell on this tobacco right out of the tub is about what you would expect.  It smells like strong coffee with […]

Hookah-Hookah is a brand like any other that has high points and low points.  The Irish Cream flavor from Hookah-Hookah is a high point. The clouds on this one are medium to large.  For a  Hookah-Hookah tobacco this one is fairly wet.  many of their blends are somewhat dry and some people take issue with […]

If I had to choose I would say that this is a normal grapefruit and not a ruby red. If you are expecting the sweet and juicy flavor of slices of ruby red or sweetened ruby red grapefruit juice you are going to be less than happy. If you want a blend that tastes like slightly sweetened grapefruit oil or essence then this is the blend for you.

The passion fruit flavor was nice. It was flavorful and accurate. I have only had passion fruit a couple times and I enjoyed it every time. Because this was an accurate flavor that meant that I was a fan.

I like this flavor and think that it is another great offering from Hookah-Hookah. It’s perfectly nice to smoke along but I have found great use for it as a mixer. The only issue there is that because it’s not the strongest flavor it can get overwhelmed easily.

This is a custom blend I designed that is two parts hazel nut, one part graham cracker, one part 7 spice and one part peanut butter. It smells like a spiced peanut butter cookie. It tastes much the same.

This blend smells like toasted marshmallow and sweet baked goods. Slight vanilla. I can smell the glycerin which reminds me of the vanilla flavor plugs from my friends E-Cigarette. The flavor is about the same. It took a long time for the flavor to pick up but once it did it was nice.'s Facebook Page's Twitter Profile's Instagram Profile's YouTube Channel's Google Plus Profile's Pinterest Page's Tumblr Page's LinkedIn Page's RSS Feed