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Hookah Hose Comparison

There are many different kinds of hoses available to us as hookah smokers.  Some are washable and some are far from it.  It’s important to know the difference before you end up ruining an otherwise great hose.  Each hose has it’s own strengths and weaknesses.  I plan on helping you make a nicely educated decision based on my own experiences.

For hookah... You didn't need that explained.

This is a picture of the hoses I use most commonly.  From left to right we have: A green Khalil Mamoon rainbow hose, a version one Narbish, two black Nammor hoses, a green Razan hose, a blue Razan hose and a Nour Syrian hose.

Here you have the hose port end of each of these hoses but in the opposite order.

Khalil Mamoon set the standard for wide gauge hoses and for a while they were the hose to have.  The rainbow hose is the hose that comes standard with many Khalil Mamoon hookahs and is a great hose  the draw is very smooth and it’s very well built.  The draw is the best of all the hoses I have, but not by much.  It’s only real problem is that is is not washable.  Some prefer traditional hoses because they don’t have a plastic taste when you first get them and some people claim that if you only use one flavor with a traditional hose it will taste stronger after a while.  I am not sure about that last part but I can tell you that it will eventually break down, though it should take a while if you treat it properly.  The moth piece is glued in place and is not replacable without some serious work.  This is the hose that I will be comparing the rest to.

The Narbish I have is one of the early production hoses from this line and it’s pretty good.  It’s a little more narrow than the rainbow hose but it’s barely noticeable and smokes beautifully.  It’s a washable hose with a classic style and some decent construction.  There were some minor issues with the glue used on the first version of the Narbish and there is a much stronger version on the market now.  If you buy a Narbish it is guaranteed to be a new version and of high quality.  The Narbish is the longest hose I have but a good portion of the hose is the the large wrapped area at the hose port end.  It’s not a problem but that piece does pose a risk of tipping if somebody bumps it or if it’s used on a small and unstable hookah.  The hoses in these pictures have not been moved so you can really see the difference in lengths.  The mouth piece can be removed for easy washing.

Nammor is the first washable hose that I ever bought and it’s another one that I got an early version of.  The first one I got had a problem with the glue coming undone and I had to rebuild it.  I got a replacement and that one treated me very nicely.  They have a draw similar to the rainbow hose and are washable.  I have run into a few construction issues with the early hoses but the ones on the market now are guaranteed to be higher quality, much like the Narbish.  They are fairly long and very flexible.  It’s a good option for those looking for a nice washable hose. The mouth pieces can be removed easily and are nicely designed.

Razan hoses are almost identical to the Nammor but with a different color scheme and I have never had an issue with them.  The seals are tight and the glue is solid.  One issue with them is that the mouth pieces are removable but are a pain to get out.  This means that there is almost no chance of leaks or of the mouth piece falling out but for those that like to take them out for cleaning it can be a slight inconvenience.  A great option if you want a washable. The Razan also comes in a sultan version that has a hose cover on it that resembles the long fibers of a shag carpet.  They look pretty cool but are more expensive and are harder to keep clean.

The last hose we have in the line up here is a Syrian style hose from the company known as Nour.  This is kind of the odd man out among all the wide gauge hoses I use.  It’s the shortest and has the tightest draw.  It’s also not washable.  So why am I including it here?  Because it’s one of my favorites.  The flexibility that this hose has is beyond any other I have used.  It will not bind up and tip the hookah while trying to pass it to a friend.  The restricted draw is great for classic style tobaccos and seems to intensify the flavor a bit.  I only use this hose for classic tobacco flavors and never use it for flavored blends.  This makes sure that the flavor remains clear and does not become too muddy or mixed up.  DO NOT WASH!  You will kill your hose and end up inhaling rust…  Not fun.  These hoses are not very easy to find without buying a Nour hookah but they are great if you can get your hands on one.  If I could find a washable hose with all the properties of a Nour hose I would be extremely happy.

These are my favorite hoses but there are countless other options out there.   Most people start off with a low quality cobra hose that will inevitably break down and rust on you fairly quickly.  If you are interested in a specific hose the only real way to see how it will treat you is to smoke with it.  As with any purchase, I suggest looking at reviews and asking opinions.  Feel free to ask me at any time if you have questions about a specific hoses or other products.  I will give you my opinion and my best judgment.

I hope this helps you make an educated decision when deciding on a new hose for an optimal smoking session.  There is no right answer for everyone.  Each person has their own preference.  No matter what other people try and convince you of, go with what feels right for you.


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