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Search in excerpt Oh how I love a good peach specially a Nakhla one. It always seemed like fresh peaches had a window of about an hour in which they were ripe. Any sooner and it was like eating a potato. Any later and it’s a pile of mush and rot. Even so, I waited impatiently and […]

Nakhla Vanilla Shisha Vanilla is a flavor that is often used to represent plainness and boredom, which is not what I’m looking for in my hookah sessions. You all know Nakhla and their reputation for natural flavors of high quality. So, how did they do with vanilla? Not as well as I was hoping. Vanilla is a subtle flavor that […]

Finding your right type of shisha can mean a lot of trial and error, not to mention wasted tobacco. While you’re still developing your shisha taste profile, try to narrow down your preferences to these few categories. This will hopefully help you pick new flavors to try out that will be close to what type […]

Nakhla is known for being a fairly classic brand when it comes to their flavors, but in recent years they have begun branching out into new territory and tobacco made for the more modern smoker. One of their newest lines is the Ice Line and some smokers are very excited. This group of flavors is […]

There are lots hookah tobacco companies in the market today each with their own flavors. Many of the tobaccos come from Middle East however there are some that are packaged and/or made in United States and other countries as well.

Following is a list of most hookah tobacco (called shisha in U.S.) on the market. New brands are cropping up all the time and there are lots of brands that never make it to the US market so we are updating this list regularly. Read the detailed reviews, check out their tobacco flavors, and choose which one to test out next.

It’s that time of year again. Fall has more distinct flavors associated with it than any other season and I love it. I am from Thanksgiving-land, AKA New England and the flavors of fall are burned into me. It’s written in my DNA to love pumpkin pie spices! So, what new hookah tobacco flavors have […]

I can’t believe I have never made a post about this quintessential black moassel. Well, it’s time. Just to make this clear, when I refer to “Nakhla black moassel” I am usually talking about mixes that consist entirely of tobacco and moalasses and no additional flavoring. Some people will refer to anything that has unwashed tobacco that lends […]

When this flavor was announced on the official Nakhla website, I was surprised by how many people on the forums had no idea what a lychee was. Maybe I am a bit of a foodie and a Japanophile, but I have been a fan of lychee and the foods based around this odd fruit for […]'s Facebook Page's Twitter Profile's Instagram Profile's YouTube Channel's Google Plus Profile's Pinterest Page's Tumblr Page's LinkedIn Page's RSS Feed